Railexco occasionally offers public trips and positioning moves, in between larger charters for our ever-expanding base of private customers. 2021 proves to be an exciting year, as we have many public trips trips to choose from.

Some highlights from the eastbound California Zephyr, aboard the Milwaukee Superdome


July 23-24-25 Emeryville, CA (San Francisco) to Chicago

Join us on a special eastbound, three-car tour of the west with one of our favorite dome cars, the Superdome! Enjoy chef-prepared meals upstairs in the dome lounge of this truly remarkable full-length dome car, as you take in the sights of Donner Pass, the amazing high deserts of Utah and Nevada, and the Colorado Rockies. This two-night journey’s sleeping accommodations will find you in your choice of single occupancy roomettes, or double occupancy double bedrooms, aboard one of our two vintage Budd “10-6” style sleepers, both built in the early 1950s. These trips historically fill up quickly, and 2021’s travel demands will likely see this trip sell out well ahead of our departure date. If you have any pre-booking questions, please reach out to us at

Our 2019 Super Dome trip, speeding through the deserts of Nevada

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