Railcar Leasing

Railexco is an industry leader in railcar logistics, with a vast network of available cars to satisfy your passenger rail needs. From Amtrak-certified equipment for that once-in-a-lifetime Amtrak trip, to long-term leases to tourist and heritage railroads, we can set up your client with the perfect car (or cars!) for their needs. To learn more about leasing railcars from Railexco, simply get in touch on the contact page. Here are some cars that we currently manage:

RXCX 5401 Amfleet Amcafe

RXCX 5401, a Budd Amfleet Amcafe car
an interior shot of the cafe seating of our Amcafe car RXCX 5401

Built in 1976 as an Amfleet I coach, and later converted to cafe service, this former Amtrak car was acquired by Railexco in the spring of 2020. Status: Available for lease.

RXCX 6401, 6402 Amfleet I Coaches

RXCX 6402, a Budd Amfleet I coach
luxurious coach seating, installed in 2016, aboard RXCX 6402

These two 1975-built Budd Amfleet coaches originally served on Amtrak before being purchased by Railexco in spring of 2020. Both cars feature full coach seating and ADA bathrooms. Status: Available for lease.

RXCX 1269 ACF Baggage Car

RXCX 1269, our ACF baggage car

1269 started life on the Santa Fe prior to its stint with Amtrak. A stainless steel baggage car, Railexco purchased this car in the summer of 2020. Status: Available for lease.

Dome 1391, “Ocean View”

full-length dome no. 1391, seen here at Ridgeley, WV in December 2020

Built by Budd for the Great Northern’s Empire Builder service before running on Amtrak until 2018, this full-length dome comes to Railexco from our good friends at Paxrail, on a long-term lease-to-own agreement entered into in early 2020. Look for this car behind the newly-restored C&O 1309 at the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad in 2021. Status: Currently under lease.