We’ve been in the passenger rail business for quite some time, with a combined 35+ years of experience in the industry. Our skillset is wide-ranging- we’re comfortable navigating the complexities of Amtrak-approved charters, we’ve put on some massive special trains such as Station to Station and Autumn Colors Express, we’ve taken on a full schedule of Class 1 steam excursions, we can source rail equipment and infrastructure from all over the nation for events and special trains. 

Happy guests boarding the 2019 Autumn Colors Express, presented by Railexco (Photo: Nick Benson)

In addition, Railexco is the industry leader in what we like to call the “behind the scenes” of passenger railroading:

  • Railroad event consultation- political campaign trains, rail-related corporate functions, holiday-themed rail events, catering and onboard service- we’ve consulted with numerous Fortune 100 companies, political strategists, and influencers
  • Full-service creative, marketing and social media- Railexco’s extensive marketing reach and experience in promoting events inside and out of the rail industry ensure that your event or organization receive the attention it deserves- our team of creatives can help you craft the perfect message to go along with your rail experience, from content creation to final production
  • Ticketing and Web Development- We’re no stranger to ticketing platforms- we’ve worked alongside a number of excursion and heritage railroad ticketing companies, and can tailor a plan to benefit your unique rail experience. We can integrate these platforms into an existing web property, or strategize a new website from the ground up
The 2019 Autumn Colors Express, in Hinton, W. Va. (Photo: Nick Benson)

Let’s meet the principals of the Railexco Team!

Adam Auxier

Adam has been at the head of some truly epic train trips. After leaving behind a career in the children’s toy industry, he has managed and operated private rail car trips for Trains Magazine, NARP, Millennial Trains Project, Uncommon Journeys and many other customers across thousands of miles. As Train Producer for Station to Station, Adam oversaw the logistics of a magical art installation on rails, with music, performances at station stops, as part of a 4500 mile Amtrak special train. Adam spent three years managing the operation of the N&W 611 excursion program for the Virginia Museum of Transportation, with a 22 car consist. He has been featured in WIRED, The LA Times, Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine, Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post. For a side-hobby, he has written two feature articles for Trains Magazine on Brazil’s Vale Mining Railroad and Peru’s railroad system. Adam is a graduate of the University of Denver and lives in Eden Prairie Minnesota with his wife and son.

Always keep moving.

Lou Capwell

Lou is our one-man content-generating machine here at Railexco. He spends most of his time promoting, photographing, marketing, and social media-ing for various clients in the world of rail excursions, private railcar charters, and other train-adjacent stuff. He runs an event photography company. He’s on the board of directors at the French Lick Scenic Railway. He co-hosts a podcast with his friend Nick. Lately, he’s been handling our huge Autumn Colors Express launch. It’s extremely probable that you’ve liked, commented or shared something he’s written.

Lou Capwell

Mike Voiland

Truly the jack of all trades, and master of most. Mike is a Systems Engineer where he builds large public safety and utility radio systems. In his spare time, you will find him repairing passenger cars, or working on his own 10/6 sleeper. Mike was instrumental in managing the ticketing, mechanical support, and servicing of the N&W 611 excursion consist during 2015-2017. Mike was an avid volunteer onboard New River Train where he hanlded night servicing. If there is something that is, big, mechanical and complicated, it is very likely that Mike can fix it. Mike is a graduate of Devry University and lives in Roanoke, Virginia.

Mike Voiland reviewing the train’s forward appearance.